Brand design

We build brand identity starting from identification of the specific brand values and market objectives. We draft a detailed strategic approach for the brand, creating the foundations for development of brand communication.

Art direction

We provide artistic and strategic direction for all the creative resources involved in the process to create hyperlink messages for a brand. We use a creative approach to the integrated communications plan, always attentive to the corporate marketing strategy.

Content development

Our team of copywriters, designers, illustrators and photographers develop the brand’s storytelling, creating an emotional bond with the brand community. Together with brand identity, building content is now more than ever a useful tool to allow the brand to transmit its tangible and intangible value.

Digital strategy

More and more conditioned by InBound marketing, we define a digital strategy for the brand, then build websites, web marketing strategies and integrated, coherent social network content. The editorial line for each single action involves the target in an engaging dialogue that builds loyalty.

Product design

Our collective of designers, which also includes the Moredesign studio, is one of the few groups capable of developing “multi-disciplinary design”: from the conception of the product to the creation of brand communication.